Rewatching the series I’ve realized that the episode Winds of Winter could be the perfect ending, erasing the following seasons.

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Cersei becomes Queen. Jon Snow becomes King of the North. Arya ends his training successfully. Daenerys retakes Meereen and ships to the west with her Kallassar and armys. Jaime comes back to Cersei. Sansa is now safe in Winterfell. Theon finds his true Queen. Bran scapes from the NK as the 3er. Brianne serves the Starks. The Walder Frey gets what he deserved. Ramsey gets mauled by dogs. The Battle of the Bastards gives a great battle for the finale. The Hound joins the brotherhood at last. Tyrion becomes Hand of the Queen. The Tyrell and Sparrows killed by a power move of Cersei at the purest GoT style. Sam goes to study to become great maester. The freefolk goes south to live with the KOTN. Pycelle gets killed by Varys little birds at the service of the new Master of Whispers. Episode with more deaths, putting a nice bow to the amazing series.

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