A glimpse of GRRM’s hand-drawn map

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It’s know all ASOIAF maps descend from GRRM’s original hand-drawn maps on letter paper. The map book illustrator Jonathan Robert just showed them at a con: a glimpse of Westeros and Central Essos.

A few observations:

  • The coastline, rivers and roads are much smoother in the original map, esp. the Kingsroad and Goldroad are more straight.
  • Crackclaw Point is not covered with forest in the original map, which is also true for the book map. But LOIAF covered it with forest, probably due to the descriptions in AFFC.
  • Castles, towns and cities are marked by different markers and colors.
  • GRRM crossed out several place names, changed them to new names, as happened to be mentioned by Elio a few days ago. It seems Gornath, Stygai and Qolahn experienced name changes.

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